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Dear valued travellers

Thank you for visiting my Website , by the way I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.


 My home sweet home town.My name is Nguyen Huu Vinh , I was born in 1980 and grew up in the middle province Vietnam : Quang Tri – DMZ was very well-known during the war . The area in which you find nothing but bombings. People in my hometown have to toil and moil all days in the rice farm to live from hand to mouth . They work hard in the burning sun but earned barely enough to keep the wolf from the door. So, young people who want to escape from the poor must study very hard to go to University with hope that they could get an office job after graduation. I am not exceptional.

My sweet dream came true.

After many years hard study, I passed national Exam at Hue University with English major in 1999 . On that day, I cried on myself with great joy . I packed my clothes and got a bus to settle down in Hue . In 2003 , I finished my study with University Degree of  Bachelor, come back my home town Quang Tri with hope to look for a stable jobbut good luck failed to smile with me .Feeling of being disappointed , I decided to move to Hoi an for a job . In November , 2003 , I was employed in a 4- star international resortas a receptionist . This was truly a good position that I could practice English and widen my knowlegde about hospitality industry . But , Travelling is always my passion .

Life is a journey , not a destination.

In 2010 , I quit my job and was employed for Travel Indochia – an international Travel Agent as a full-time tour guide . I have enjoyed travel with tourists when guiding them in their sight-seeings of beautiful landcapes and historical vestiges of our country . More I travel , more I feel attached to Nature and people, so my love for our country is well- nurtured . I have a chance to tell them about our age-old culture and our unyielding struggles against French and American , especially , our people was liberated after 1000 years of Chinese occupation. Yet , I need more challenges to perfect myself as I like to help poor people and make every best conditions for travellers to go further in absorbing Vietnam History and Culture . Therefore,

I open the Travel Company with a mission:

To make your trip more memorable and meaningul . I always put good services and benifits for mytravellers on the top priority.

Once again , Dear valued travellers

Come and book tour with us , you’ll definately see why our tours are different

Put your trust in me , give me a chance , I promise to do the best for you 

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   Nguyen Huu Vinh


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