Tour duration : 10 hours  ♥  Pick up at 07:30 & Finish at 19:00 
USD 95/pax ( Pay in USD or Dong at the end of trip) .The tour is minimum with 2 people.
 Included : Tour guide , Lunch , Comfortable car ,Entrance tickets, Cold water.
 Hue was the political, cultural center of Vietnam under the reign of the Nguyen Dynasty from 1802 to 1945 when the last king Bao Dai has abdicated by giving power to the communists.

Referring to the Hue ancient capital, we often think about palaces, temples ... of a imperial glory period. All travelers want to see in their eyes the living proofs of the last monarchy dynasty in Vietnam. In addition, the slow and peaceful life here is also attractive for everyone. Hue imperial city typically reflects Vietnamese high stage of architecture and art . The guide will tell you inside story about imperial life in forbidden city that’s not shared in any books or travel sites. Experience with this tour, you will benifit a basket of wisdom about vietnamese custom as well as priceless treasure of Vietnam history and culture.

Brief Itinerary

07:30  Our guide will meet you up at your accomodation to begin a memorable full day trip from lovely Hoi an town to poetic Hue city. The tour give you valuable opportunities to catch stunning sights along the way. Firstly, you possess 10–minute stop at breathtaking Beach Mỹ Khê ( formerly China Beach ) for photo shooting , you will also explained why it was so-called China beach in American war.



After this , we’re heading over the second to none natural wonder Hải Vân pass . The pass is renowned for its scenic beauty. It was called the road "a deserted ribbon of perfection - one of the best coast roads in the world. Đèo Hải Vân – Ocean Cloud Pass – is famous for a number of reasons: as a geographic and political boundary between Vietnam and Cham ancient kingdom; as a climatic divide between the tropical south and the subtropical north; and as a strategic military post during wartime.

Keep going down the pass, you’re definitely surprised by pictureque landmark of Lăng Cô Beach viewed from the foot of the mountain. Listed as top 30 most beautiful bay in the world with palm-shaded white sand and turquoise water surface. This is a must-stop for you during your road trip to Hue. 


10:45  turning up in Huế, we start our tour by the story related at 400 year–old Thien Mu Pagoda . You will learn the history of the Pagoda and philosophy of Buddhism

 12:00  Moving on next is to explore Hue Imperial Enclosure under Nguyễn Dynasty

This tour is designed specifically for travelers who love learning about the modern history of Vietnam before the all the wars with the West happened. Vietnam in this period was leading by a royal family, whose name is NGUYỄN, who had a tremenduous contribution to Vietnam politically and geographically speaking. Our guide will eagerly explain the meanings and many symbolic figures that you encounter in the Imperial City. You shall gain a great deal about Vietnam history and culture during Nguyen Dynasty era with this tour.



Explore Imperial Enclosure : Flag Tower→ Five Phoenixs Pavillion →  Hiển Lâm Các Pavillion → Nine Holly Urns → Thế Tổ Miếu ( Ancestor’s temple ) → Charming Queen’s Mother Diên Thọ residence → Forbidden Purple City →  Supreme Harmony Palace → Royal Theater → Museum of Antiquities.

14:00  Cool down at local Restaurant for Lunch.

15:00  Keep moving towards poetic Mausoleum of the fourth King Tự Đức ruled 1848 – 1883 . You will hear the stories about the King who had a unfortune fate. The King to whom was fond of art and literature whose layout and design of Royal Mausoleum has reflected his character and romance  Our host also tells you why French began their invasions to Vietnam in his reign 1858  and how did Nguyễn Dynasty become puppetry government manipulated by colonial French protector during a century.

16:00  Say good-bye to romantic Huế city 

17:30  Last stop on a half way home, you are amazed at spectacular landscapes of Lập an Oyster farming lagoonand contemplate the sunset gradually sleeping on the horison.  Lap An Lagoon is also the habitat for many animals and aquatic plants, mostly oysters. Oysters are rich in nutritional value and many uses, so they are greatly favored by visitors. Thus the local people consider oysters as “jewel of heaven” and live mainly by feeding oysters. 

18:45  End trip after a fruitful memorable day.


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